925 Sterling Silver Charms for Bracelets

Gone are the days when folks thought that 925 sterling silver charms for bracelets did not come cheap. On the contrary, matching up a set of complete jewelry has been so more comfortable and more cost-saving by picking the items from Music Note Gifts.

If you are looking for the special gift that will look stunning and stylish while also lasting forever, you can’t go wrong by choosing our site. When it comes to bracelets, you will have unlimited possibilities. The other jewelry really cannot beat the look that you achieve by using our products in Music Note Gifts.

Whether you are purchasing in retail or wholesale, the music note jewelry will enhance your recipient’s wardrobe and put a big smile on their face.




Sterling Silver Charms for Jewellery Making

The 925 sterling silver beads are the perfect gift for your mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, and even for yourself. The heart shaped beads come with the statement “I Love Music.” With these beads, you will get the best charm bracelet to give to someone special. The beads are customizable so that you can pair it with any chain that matches with your recipient’s style. The design of the charms is very high so that you can have the freedom to mix and match the design with any chain. The personalized sterling silver charms are great for any occasions including holiday, birthday, graduation, and so on.

925 Sterling Silver Charms for Jewellery Making

The sterling silver is one kind of precious metal. It has excellent material to create such beautiful jewelry pieces which make the people receive it feel exceptional. The music-themed beads are neutral and can be prevalent for both male and female recipients. As we know, people have been using the sterling silver pieces from a long time ago. The music-themed sterling silver is a very great option for those who uphold the uniqueness rather than typical fashion. You can add the sterling silver charms for jewelry making the same bracelets or necklace. The beads alone have such fantastic design so that you can mix and match it with other simple themed music designs that you can easily find in our site.

925 Sterling Silver Beads Wholesale



Silver Violin Charms Fit Pandora Bracelets

To give something personal, you’d want to build the pandora bracelets by yourself. You will want to think about which types of charms that your recipient will love. If he or she likes violin, you can’t go wrong with this violin design charms. This violin charm is the perfect item to build the bracelet on your own. Using the 925 silver as the base is the best thing to do to create such a memorable gift for someone special. With this violin charms, you have the freedom to use any level of mixing and matching to craft the perfect pandora bracelets that will convey your messages. It will fit into the overall look of the type of chain you choose.

925 Silver Violin Charms Fit Pandora Bracelets

Beaded jewelry has always been the favorite gift for music lovers. The musical note’s design of the bead will keep reminding your recipient about their passion and interests on music not only for the appealing purpose, but the beads are also rolling as the talisman too. No matter what’s your purpose in building the jewelry with these unique beads, we can’t neglect the fact that people in all times love to wear beaded jewelry. The 925 silver sterling material will be a great base that fits different types of outfit. There’s no limit to the ideas of the bead’s jewelry. You could combine this with any necklace, chain or bracelet.

Unique Beads For Jewelry Making



Piano charm pendant

The piano charm pendant is a perfect decoration of the bracelet and other similar characteristics of jewelry. The piano charm pendant is more than an ornamental purpose, but also the specific statement of the wearer. The piano charm pendant with the bracelets has grown to become the proud and statement for musicians and music lovers. Music Note Gifts offers the originality and versatility of the piano charm pendant design. It gives you the room for creativity since you can also combine this with different style and color. Make sure you know what your recipient would like to wear and make it come true.

Piano Charm Pendant



Guitar Jewelry Charms 

Through our site Music Note Gifts, you can get the 925 sterling silver exclusively at wholesale price. The guitar design of the charms opens the door for you to go deeper in the interests of the music. The moment you give it tosomeone, it will be the vessel of your messages that will last for hundreds and countless many years. Music Note Gifts offers unusual items which you can mix and match freely to approach your recipient’s personalization closely. Having this guitar jewelry charms will add good collections to his or her wardrobe.

Guitar Jewelry Charms Wholesale



Musical Phonograph Charm

There’s a social signal that those who wear the charm are amazing people. Well, it is true! You can make other people feel amazing by giving them the Sterling Silver Charms. These are the most fantastic decorative item that you can use in necklaces, anklets, and even bracelets. The wide of the application of the jewelry charms does not limit you from getting creative to make a personalized gift for someone special for you. Music Note Gifts also provides the charms in bulk for your unlimited creativities.

Musical Phonograph Charms



Headset Earphone Charm

If you are looking for a stylish and trendy jewelry collection, you can’t go wrong with the Headset Earphone Charm. You can look for many types of silver bangles out there but there’s none can match our Sterling silver bangle charm bracelet. These bangles are designed to pair with the specific jewelry that will complement the overall outfit. Every musician or music lover will love to possess such unique design of jewelry collection with a personal attachment in it. Consider choosing this one to make your gift more special.

Headset Earphone Music Charm

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