Awesome Gifts for Musicians-Best Gifts for Best Wishes

Choosing gifts for musicians seems to be a difficult thing.  We are here to help you with that choice. Check out our list and find the perfect gift for everyone. Gift Guide For Music Lovers!



Best Small Bluetooth Speaker 

Dealing with music every day, this Bluetooth speaker can help them to listen to music practically. These speakers produce a very clear sound. You can use Bluetooth to connect it with your device or if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth feature, this speaker also has an aux-in jack and a 3.5mm audio cable. When there is an incoming call, you can immediately pick it up because the speaker has an internal microphone that allows you to answer phone calls. This speaker can process micro-SD cards up to 32GB and supports files in MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, and FLAC formats. This Bluetooth speaker also can automatically turn off if after 10 minutes no device is connected or there is no manual connection.

Best Small Bluetooth Speaker 10W



12 Colorful Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are one of the prizes that are very suitable for guitarists. Aside from being a finger aid for strumming strings, guitar picks also produce sounds that are crisper than using fingers. You also use a pick to select strings using techniques such as tapping, slapping, Flamengo, or when playing a classical guitar. The best material for picking is celluloid which is the best plectrum material. On, you can buy 12 colorful guitar picks that are packed with beautiful mini steel boxes. In it, 12 picks are consisting of 12 thickness choices, namely 0.41mm, 0.71mm, and 0.81mm.

12 Colorful Guitar Picks | Great Gift For Guitar Players


Decorative Coat Hooks

Retro Tape Disk Decorative Coat Hooks are unique gifts for musicians and have many uses. The retro tape disk design is the right choice for decorating rooms for music lovers or musicians. Aside from being a door decoration, this hook can also accommodate a weight of less than 500g. Besides, this hook also has a self-adhesive so it can stick tightly without drilling the wall. These hooks are also made from solid, stable, and solid non-solid plastic substrate material. This tool is suitable for hanging clothes, handlebar, hats, and other light objects. You can stick these hooks on wood, glass, plastic, ceramic walls, and smooth surfaces.

Retro Tape Disk Decorative Coat Hooks



Music Area Rug

Every musician must have a special room or area in their home to enjoy the music they love. The music area requires a unique sign to highlight the area. Music rug area is a floor carpet that can be used to mark your musical area. In addition to the design that resembles piano keys, this music area rug can also be used to beautify the decor of your room or home. Not only for music areas, but you can also use it in other rooms, such as a living room, playroom or bedroom. It is also easy to clean, you can use a washing machine or wash by hand.

Music Area Rug ON SALE




 Clip-on Tuner

Multifunction Universal Portable Clip-on Tuner is a tool that guitarists need to tune-up their guitars. Not only to tune-up a guitar, but this tool can also be used for bass, violin, and ukulele C. The trick is to clamp the tuner on the tip of the guitar head. Next pick one of the strings, for example, the first string (E), make sure the needle on the tuner is centered on the E and is green. Repeat on the other strings (A-D-G-B-E). This kind of tools is perfect if you give it as a gifts for musicians, especially guitarists. They will be greatly helped by this tuner.

Multifunction Universal Portable Clip on Tuner



Acoustic Guitar Case 

The guitar case is a suitable gift to give to guitarists. Guitarists need it to protect their guitars from scratches or collisions. Acoustic Guitar Case With Double Straps Padded that is available in music note gifts store is made of high-quality material and is equipped with clips in a 5mm thick sponge cloth that serves as an anti-collision. This guitar case is suitable for a 41 “acoustic guitar that has an ergonomic design and is equipped with a double strap. Also, this case has an extraordinarily large pocket and has sharp edge pads that serve to prevent slipperily. You can carry your guitar by carrying it on your back or by using a side strap.

Acoustic Guitar Case With Double Straps Padded


Music Logo Cooking Apron

An apron is a general necessity needed for cooking in the kitchen. Can be used for men and women, the apron serves to prevent our clothes from getting dirty when cooking. Even though it seems to have nothing to do with music, you can give it as a gifts for musicians. Musicians also need to cook or be in the kitchen occasionally right? To adjust to their music hobby, you can choose an apron that has a design related to music. For example, you choose an apron whose front image is a music logo. This apron can be a gift that suits your musical pleasures and household needs.

Creative Music Logo Cooking Apron


Recording Microphone for PC

USB Condenser Recording Microphone For PC this is a trendy gift and has many functions. You just need to plug the USB Connector into a USB port that is connected to your computer or laptop then play the microphone to record music or podcasts. Easy to install and use. This tool is designed with a sturdy and strong body with a stable tripod mount, very useful when you are streaming live for youtube or other social media channels. The recording microphone is equipped with a special volume gain button which functions to make the sound output more loud and sensitive so that the sound recorded will sound clearer and crisper. You can also use this tool for skype and play games.

USB Condenser Recording Microphone For PC




Creative Linen Pillow Covers

Who doesn’t need a pillow cover? Yes, every home needs it. You need a pillow while sleeping, sitting on the couch, or to prop your waist so you can sit upright. You can also use it as a gift. Choose a pillow cover made from linen because besides the material is soft on the hand, linen is also easy to wash and last. Choose a cover with a design that relates to music as a gift for your friends or acquaintances who are musicians. A good pillow cover can beautify your home decor, whether placed in the living room, family room or bedroom.

Creative Linen Pillow Covers


Wall Decor Posters

To beautify the room in your home, you usually use wallpaper to beautify the decoration. Instead of painting, you can just stick the wallpaper to the wall and can be replaced if you are bored. In addition to this method, you can also use wall decor to decorate the interior of your home. Wall decor has many types, namely photos, paintings or posters. Same as wallpaper, you can also replace it easily. Many online stores sell posters as wall decor, you just choose the theme you want. For the interior of a musician, you can use this music theme vintage wall decor posters as gifts for musicians.

Guitar Vintage Wall Decor Posters


Diatonic Blues Harmonica

Eastar Major Blues Harmonica is a good practice harmonica that is very friendly to beginners and intermediate harmonica lovers, quick to find tuning positions and easy to clean and maintain. Its voice is sweet, accurate and pure. Laser carving of anchor shows the vitality and strength of major, the painting of the piano box is striking, and the color box is exquisite and beautiful. Harmonica is one of the most popular instruments in the world, easy to learn and it is the perfect gift for your musical friend.

Diatonic Blues Harmonica





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