Best Gift Ideas for Saxophone Player

Are you looking for a perfect gift to give your saxophonist friend? When you have someone special like that, it’s not weird that there are occasions when you would like to gift them something special. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be beautiful. The fact that you spent time and effort to find something that goes along their profession and passion, is more than enough. To make that job easier for you, we did most of the leg work to find out some cool gift ideas for saxophone player.


Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is one of the most-wanted gifts for saxophone players. There are many times that saxophonist had played bad only because their mouthpiece was not good, that is why it is important to choose the right one. This alto saxophone mouthpiece has strong airtightness and good performance. The fluted neck is made of metal and comes with strong airtightness. This mouthpiece is great for reducing the loss of breath too! But the most important feature is that it has a natural sound and it is easy to play. It’s shank is painted in gold while it’s top part is in beautiful black color. This is a perfect gift for your saxophone loving family and friends, and it can come as a great help.

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece



Alto Saxophone Neck Strap

If you are, or you know a saxophonist, you know they tend to complain about neck pain. That is due to the fact that they are not using a good neck strap. They settle for cheaply made one, even though they are most uncomfortable. This product is great for saxophone players who have problem with that. It doesn’t matter that it is called alto saxophone neck strap, tenor and soprano players can also use it! What is great about it is that is adjustable to the person. It doesn’t matter if you have broad shoulders or small ones, if you are a woman or a man, it will adapt to your body shape. As we said before, they saxophone players tend to have neck pain, this strap can be hung from the shoulders breaking through the traditional design and with that releasing the pressure of the cervical spine.

gift ideas for saxophone player - Alto Saxophone Neck Strap



Alto Saxophone Case

It’s true that all of us love to look at the beautiful saxophone, even more, to hold it, but that is not practical for every day. Most saxophone players tend to travel to their venues, or simply they need to put their saxophone from time to time. That’s why this case would be the perfect gift for saxophone player. Everybody need safe place to put away their precious instrument. This Alto saxophone case is great for that. With it’s soft interior, it will make sure that your saxophone is not scratched or damaged in any way. The case itself is 67cm long and weighs about 1.1kgs. This particular one comes in blue color only.



Singing Dancing Saxophone Sunflower

Is your saxophone player friend a goofball, or likes unique and funny gifts? If your answer is yes, then this is a perfect gift for you! This is not any normal plush toy, this one can sing and dance with saxophone. It mimics a smiling face, and when it is turned on it’s cheeks start flashing bright red. Not only is it easy to use, just put batteries in and turn the switch on, but it’s also a perfect goofy gift. If your saxophonist friend has children, it can also help in developing their sense of vision, sense of hearing and sense of touch.


Saxophone stand

Let’s start with something every saxophonist needs. If they are not playing it, they need a place to put their saxophone away. A great way to keep it on the display and to have it always ready is to put it on the saxophone stand. But most of the players won’t buy it for themselves, so here’s your chance. Not only will they be grateful. This particular stand is made out of iron and plastic, but it’s sturdy and can hold the saxophone’s weight. With it’s sleek design, it’s great for display in your home or office. Not only that, but it’s great for traveling too. The way that it’s built allows it to be easily folded and stored. This stand is very compact and user-friendly.

Saxophone stand



Saxophone Gift Ideas Under 20$


Miniature Saxophone

With holidays near, there are so many varieties of presents that sometimes it’s hard to choose just one. One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with small home decorations. This miniature saxophone is a great example because small, more cute versions of instruments are always a hit! It only comes in one size(15.2*10.5 cm/ 5.98*4.13 in ), but it’s still undeniably adorable. It’s made out of copper and it’s an exact replica of the real saxophone. But an important thing to note is that it’s not playable. Nonetheless, it’s a great gift for musicians and any other person. It arrives in carton packing.

12175 (4)


Saxophone charm necklace

Do you have a special girl in your life that loves or plays the saxophone? Well, this is a great product for you! Buying girl a jewelry is never wrong, especially when it’s as gorgeous as this one. Not only is this a perfect gift for saxophone players, but it will also impress them. This pendant necklace is in vintage style that is very popular today. It comes in silver and gold color that have rustic feel to them. It’s made out of Zinc Alloy. But it doesn’t need to be used as necklace only! Charm can be taken off it’s chain and can be put on a keychain. So it’s not only a gift for our female players but for males too!

Saxophone Charm Necklace


Saxophone Tie Clip with Crystal Cufflinks

Since we mentioned saxophone pendant necklace for ladies, this is great opportunity to mention this saxophone tie clips with crystal cufflinks for our handsome male saxophone players. This unique gift for saxophone players will make sure to take their breath away. This is more sophisticated gift, and they can use it even when they are not playing. This clip has a perfect replica of the real saxophone on it, as well as on cufflinks. They might not be very large, but they are sure to get people’s attention. This set comes in beautiful silver and gold color, but it is made out of copper.

Saxophone Tie Clip with Crystal Cufflinks


Saxophone Brooch Pins

Let’s look at more feminine products again. This brooch might not be big, but it radiates elegance and glamour. It is on smaller size, 3.2 * 1.1 cm, but that doesn’t lower it’s beauty and value. This delicate saxophone is decorated with variety of crystals, making it even more beautiful than it originally was. It is not unexpected that this is great gift for female saxophone players, that is sure to sweep them off their feet. Not only is it’s price, like it’s size, on the lower side, but reviews are great too! So hurry up and get one for someone special in your life!

Saxophone Brooch Pins - gifts for saxophonists


Saxophone Wall Art

I’m sure that at least one of your saxophone loving friends must be an art lover too. Even if that is not the case, this wall art is sure to make them fall in love with it. Perfect for decorating the interior of their living space, this saxophone wall art is sure to spice it up.  It doesn’t matter if you are into color, or more classic black and white style, this wall art has got you covered. Even though it only has two styles, they can fit into any home. The first one is more classic one, all in black and white. In the picture, saxophone is made out of the musical notes and signs. The second one is on the wilder side. Even though the line art is simple and normal saxophone, colors are what makes it special. Various shades of blue and yellow decorate and bring out happiness in painting. This quality fine art prints on bright white matte canvas are perfect welcoming gift for saxophone players.

Saxophone Wall Art



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