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Performing on a stage sometimes requires more than just a good skill. You need to know how to make the audience go crazy with your appearance, and for musical ones, you will need music note tattoos. People always go crazy about small details, and this is how you make a little change which would boost your performance. You don’t need to make a permanent change because there are also temporary tattoos which could dissolve after some period of time. It is up to your choice to use which one of them, and you will look great in your upcoming performance.

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Music Note Tattoos could help you boost your performance.

Having one embedded on your body could bring the impression of you really love the music. You can also gain more fame with incredible performance on the stage. However, you might want to have permanent tattoos other than. There are two types of tattoo, the permanent and temporary. Each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks. But if you need one to perform on stage, then temporary tattoos is the best option you get. They are easy to apply and super flexible. Moreover, there are also waterproof temporary tattoos now. They can last longer on stage with the heat and sweat, so you don’t have to worry about the tattoos got erased unknowingly. Temporary tattoos, on the other hand, are very flexible because you can place them anywhere on your body. You don’t need about regretting later because the tattoos will dissipate with time, and you can redo them anywhere you want. Permanent tattoos need time and patience to be done on your body, and once they are engraved on your body, you will need to go to special procedures to remove them. Permanent tattoos also follow the condition of your skin. It means if someday you find yourself getting fatter or skinnier, the shape of your tattoos may change and become unattractive. If you are a performer who loves to show the audiences the curves of your body, then you have carefully chosen the type of tattoo or else you might end up regretting your choice later on.


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Temporary tattoos are meant to be used according to your convenience. Rather than enduring the painful process, you can just skip to the final process and rock the stage with your new music note tattoos. Give your fans a good surprise with something new on your body and let them feast on your outstanding performance. If you are worried about the temporary music note tattoos being too short-lived, then you have to make sure whether you have followed each and every step correctly.

  1. If you have prepared the tattoo, just cut out the wanted part and remove the clear sheet that covers the sticky part. Be careful when removing, sometimes the cover became too sticky that the tattoo might stick. In this case, remove the cover very slowly and make sure the shape is maintained well.
  2. Put the tattoo on the desired spot, if it is located in your blind spot, use mirrors to get accurate placement. If you think you did it wrong, then remove slowly to prevent ruining the imprint. If you think it is set, then use a damp sponge to pat the tattoo. Make sure you wet it all over. Do not use too much water or the paper base would be ruined.
  3. Let the tattoo sit for about 30 seconds or wait until the paper dries a little, then remove the base paper slowly. After removing the backing paper, you can let the tattoo on your skin to dry. At this phase, it might need around 7 minutes to completely dry.
  4. Here is a little trick to let you have more longer-lasting temporary tattoos on your skin: when the tattoo is almost dry, you can roll a pen or something with a smooth surface over it. Doing this will allow your tattoo to stick more closely to the skin.


When you have put your temporary music note tattoos perfectly, you are ready to roll and rock the stage. Feel the difference in the hype of the audience as well as your escalating confidence. If you want more inspiring tattoos, make sure to visit our store.



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