How to Be a Better Musician: 8 Steps

Music is a big part of our lives. From our early age to when we are old, we continue to grow up with music. Our taste in it changes from time to time, but it always plays big part in forming our personality.  It comes as no surprise that many of us wish to become famous musician when we are adults. It doesn’t matter if we like rock, or maybe classical, if you work hard you can become great at it.

So, I want to be a musician, but where do I start?

First of all, even though it might look easy, music is anything but that. Like with anything else, natural talent is not enough to succeed. You need to fully commit to every aspect of it. Today lots of people tend to take music classes when they are younger. Even if they are just normal school classes, it is enough to show off who is actually talented, and who isn’t. Of course, even if you don’t naturally have what it takes to be a musician , it’s not impossible for you to learn. You need to have patience and to work hard to do it, but you need to do that with every dream and job you have.


Now that you chose to become one, your first question is how to be a better musician?


1. Make plans

You need to make plans first. Having clear goal is best way to keep everything is view. Like that you can have everything in front of yourself and you know your tasks for each and everyday to start good music career. Even though people try to multitask, that is not good. Instead of doing 6 things at once, where you will divide your focus on everything, try to plan and focus on one thing only. That way you can do your best for each thing and not worry as much.


2. Practice

As I said before, pure talent will not get you anywhere. Like with any sport, you need to practice as much as you can.  You can get tutoring lessons in person or online. But also you can do it by yourself. There are many lessons on the internet, as well as actual videos on youtube and all other similar platforms. This is great for people who are still unsure of their voice and musical abilities.


3. Get to know your instrument equipment

It is important to know how your gear works even in your sleep. If you need to hit a note, and you are unsure how to do it, it can make big mark on your career. Take your time with it and learn everything you can about it. That is why bands do sound check before every gig. To make sure everything is in order with their gear.


4. Get out of your comfort zone

For this job you cannot be a shy person, or someone who doesn’t take risks. Of course, you chose what you like and do, but it’s better if all that can be used to make you even better. You need to challenge yourself as often as you possibly can. Try out new things, live life to the fullest. When you are in you prime, your music is too!


5. Record yourself

This is a good way to see mistakes you otherwise wouldn’t notice. Many times people see that they were maybe too slow, or they hear that something they thought was good, don’t sound so appealing anymore. You don’t need something fancy to record yourself. Nowadays our have great audio.


6. Take breaks from time to time

It’s not all about work. If you want to do good job, you need to feel good physically and mentally. Taking short breaks while you practice, or even some time off after your tour, is good way to get back in touch with yourself.   Your music reflects your feelings. If you are not in the right shape, you won’t sound good. Also, people who get overworked tend to stop caring about how they sound, which leads to the bad music production. So, before everything else, take care of yourself and your mind.


7. To become good musician you must listen to other musicians

It’s good to analyze your own music and correct mistakes that way, but it is even greater learning experience to learn from others. Not only can you improve yourself, but you may also end up liking something that they do and decide to mix it up into your own music. Or learn from somebody else’s mistakes. It’s no secret that there are many musicians that fail. Look at why or how they fail and make sure to not repeat their mistakes.


8. Group rehearsals

We all have certain level of shyness, but with music we cannot let that stop us from getting some group practice. It doesn’t matter if you are solo or in a band, group rehearsals are great way to improve and learn. Like with many advices above this one, you get to hear different people practice, and they hear you. Unlike when you play alone or listen to video, in this way you can get feedback on your music and give one back. People can teach you tricks and give you tips that can’t be found online. And for what it is, you also get to meet great people along the way and have fun. Who knows maybe in the future you will meet again when you become famous.

So after all of these ‘’how to be a better musician’’ advices, we are left with only one more. And this one is very simple. Be a good and genuine person who loves what they are doing. Not only in music career, but in everything else. People, nowadays, are more loving towards those who shine with good energy. Those who don’t get corrupted once they get famous. They want people who are interested in better tomorrow and making world a happier place. And music is a great way to do that. It’s always around us, and it is a great influence even if we don’t truly realize it.   We follow it, unconsciously. Hopefully, now that you have read all of these, you know what to do and how to be a better musician, as well as good person in general.


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