How to Become a Better Singer Without Lessons Fast

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Once upon a time we all wished to become famous singers when we grow up. Some of us achieved that, some failed and there are still people who could have made it. People who could’ve made it most often didn’t have right musical education to succeed. But what if I told you that you don’t need lessons to be a great singer. If you keep reading, you can learn few tricks and tips that can help you in long run. This doesn’t need to be just for new singers, these can help everyone who is interested in improving their voice. So how to become a better singer without lessons?

First of all, not all good singers have a talent. Many of them are self-taught and their good voice is product of their hard work. So don’t get discouraged when someone says you don’t have talent. Keep practicing and with right tricks and practice you will become great in no time.

With the way our world is now, there are many people who can’t afford or attend singing lessons or tutors. It’s true that there are many online, but we again come back to the problem that people cannot afford them. So what do we do?

How to Become a Better Singer Without Lessons Fast


How to improve singing voice at home


Don’t worry, there are many ways to learn singing without tutor, that can be done in safety in your own home.


1. Practice singing everyday

Like you would need to practice while taking a lesson, you need to practice even more now. Of course, you can only practice once a week, but that won’t do you any good. When you do it like that, long time passes between practice, so you forget good and bad things that you have noticed or learned. So, every time you practice again you will need to do everything the same way. That’s why it’s good to have some practice everyday. It doesn’t matter if you do it perfectly few days in a row, don’t stop. There is always a chance that you will find something that you are not good at that you should practice. One more benefit from this is that singing becomes your second nature and when time comes for you to perform you will do it will no problem.


2. Record and analyze your singing

It’s not stressed enough how great it is for you to record and re-listen your singing. Sure, sometimes it won’t sound great, but that’s the point. You will be able to keep tract of your progress. Good side of this that it can all be done with your phone and you can have it saved there for future practices. As for analyzing, it is not as hard as people make it seem. There are many articles and videos online that can explain what you need to look out for. This is also great to show your friends and family. That way they can also tell you what you can improve or to tell you that you are great.


3. Do warm-ups

Just like with any sport, you need to warm up your muscles before you start your singing. If you don’t do this, you are at risk of straining your vocal cords and making your singing even worse. One of the gentlest ways to start warming your voice up is with a hum. Start with the lowest note and go up to highest you can hum without putting extreme pressure on your cords and voice box. Even though it might be weird, lip trills are also great warm-ups. Simply inhale air and slowly release it between your lips and let them vibrate. Not only is this great for you, but it is also fun.


4. Identify your vocal range

You need piano for this, but there are also videos that can help you find your vocal range. Try to match your voice to the tones that are playing. Highest and lowest you can hit without your voice breaking or cracking will determine your vocal range. That will be helpful for your singing later on.


5. Make sure you and your voice are healthy

The tips and tricks above are nothing if you have cold or you are feeling unwell. Try to get enough vitamins and nutrients every day. With healthy body comes healthy voice. So before everything, make sure that you are feeling good.


How to make voice clear and soft


Even though all kinds of voices are beautiful. We tend the notice soft and clear ones first. They remind us of something ethereal and heavenly. This is not easy to achieve. But will everything good you need to work for it.

For your voice to be soft, you need to practice. And warm-ups for this are even more important than if you were just practicing for a show. They ensure that your voice box and cords are flexible. Hydration is also very important, especially hydration of voice folds. Avoid spicy, very hot or cold, sour, and oily food. Avoid shouting or even whispering as both can cause damage to vocal folds. Talk in the natural voice, don’t try to fake base or low pitch voice to show authority or maturity. Pick a singer that you consider to be soft and clean and try to imitate that singer. That way you can learn techniques that they use and do that yourself. With this kind of voice you need to work slowly, step by step as it is very hard one to achieve. But once you succeed, all your hard work will be worth it.


It doesn’t matter if you are trying to achieve soft voice, or just improve your normal singing voice, practice is very important. It might look like it is time-consuming and hard, but when you look at the end results, all of that fades in comparison. Like this, you won’t need lessons or tutors, you will do this on your own. With all this, you have learned how to become better singer without lessons.

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