How to Clean Vinyl Records?

Do you clean vinyl record regularly? You can clean it with specified tools or household products. Whatever you like to apply, you have to clean it regularly because the condition of the vinyl record has a direct impact on sound quality. That’s why we have to clean it and take care of it properly. But a record is sensitive. So, you need to clean it in a professional manner or it will destroy. Do you know the proper way? Don’t worry, we hear from you with the right information.

In this article, we will describe how to clean vinyl record properly. Let’s have it.


Vinyl Recorder Cleaning Tools

Whenever we want to clean it using feature tools, we have lots of option. From all, the popular tools are noted in bellow:

  1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,
  2. Ultrasonic Record Cleaner,
  3. Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush,
  4. Cleaning Mat,
  5. Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush,
  6. Tonar Nostatic Record Cleaning Arm.

What are the Steps of Cleaning Vinyl Records?

We have different types of option. In above, we listed a few tools name. It is possible to use any system and clean it smoothly. Furthermore, you are allowed to use different types of home remedy to clean recorder. But it is sensitive work. If you don’t have enough idea on these topics, please avoid applying the home remedy. You will publish a note on that topic soon.

But whatever we like to apply, our key focus should on removing all dust and static. In bellow, we are describing the cleaning process with our three favorite methods among all.

By Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaning system is the safest cleaning process among all. It doesn’t put any adverse effect on the cleaning object. That’s why it is our favorite tool to apply on record cleaning work. It removes all dust and static easily.

Moreover, a digital ultrasonic record cleaner will improve the recorded sound quality. It holds the record and rotates it in a bath of liquid. The liquid can be specified cleaning solution by the renowned producer. But in this way, you can clean all agitation effect displaces gunk, muck, grease, dust and other contaminants. So vinyl record cleaner is our first choice, and we recommend it to our followers to apply it if possible.

Record Cleaning Solution

If you have a brush, you can clean the record manually by putting a few drops of cleaning solution. There are lots of quality solutions for producing brands. On the other hands, you can make your own liquid solution mix-up at home. If you want to buy professional liquid, go to the near-record store, they often sell designed explicitly for audio materials.

Note: Don’t use regular soap or solution. It will destroy the vinyl record. Some solution may not be harmful, but who knows what the safe is. So using feature record cleanings solution is better than taking the risk.

By Using Cleaning Mat

Cleaning mat is also available on record store. These types of mat are made of cork and other soft materials. It would be a great cleaning idea, especially if you worried about putting it on top of the turntable. It is accessible to easy. You need to place the record flat on the mat. Use the attached spindle to hold the record secure, that’s it. But you have to use a liquid solution with each cleaning mat.

But it can be safer than cleaning according to the 2nd step. You need a brush or soft cloth to have the 2nd option. Although the cleaning solution is required for this step, it is safe and more professional. But you can follow any option whatever you like.

Final Word

Whenever we intend to clean our vinyl recorder, our primary focus is to clean all dust and static. You can follow any secure method. We describe our three favorite processes; we hope these methods will work well for your recorder. Did we miss any point? We expect no. But if you think we have to describe any point in more details, please let us know. We are always here for our readers. You also can ask any specific question, we will answer you soon.

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