How to Start A Music Career in 2019

You’ve probably seen the real proof that music can be a fruitful career for everyone. Not only for their finance, but the musician also attain their emotional income. People are joyful and pleased when their album is on the store. Or even if they don’t have an album yet, there are gigs to attend to have fun with their audiences.


You might have a different understanding of successful music. Your successful music career won’t happen to you unless you take serious action. If you want to know how to start a music career,  here are the very first steps that you need to consider.


Specify Your Goal


You might want to be a solo singer without being attached to a band. Or the contrary, you can’t do this alone. Regardless of how you are going to run your milestones, you will want to decide the short-term first. There’s a chance that you have never played a gig before. Start smaller. Try to gain attention from a local show.


It will be your first mission. Also, consider this as your real-life training experience.


If you want to build your own label, it is a great idea to pick a name earlier and do the paperwork as soon as possible. Specify your goal.


Each goal has milestones. These milestones will help you to decide the timeline of every step so that you will be on the right track all the time. You don’t have to be very productive at first. You see that many labels out there are working on the quantity. But five years later, they are doomed. Focus only on quality. If you have yet made great music, don’t rush.


Showcase your stuff to the music community


If you are living in a country in which music is prevalent for folks’ life, it would be easier for you to find the opportunities for the gig. Consider joining the music community so that you will keep posted with the festivals, events, or any other chances to get out there in person.


Talent seekers, organizers, or music fans won’t come to your base because you have just started. If you don’t come to them, you won’t get anything. You will need to have a music map first, then the fans base will come second. Call someone you know, ask for help. Put your portfolio to the local paper. It is like building a business. You will need to have many connections. As mentioned, you can start locally. It does not hurt at all to build your fan base at your town first. You will have a solid supporter from there.


Reach the world online


Nowadays, reaching people out has never easier than before. You can be the man behind the keyboard and fans start coming at you. With such easiness in the online world, the competition is also tough.


You don’t have to be everywhere on social networking sites. You could create accounts on multiple platforms but focus only on one networking sites. People would normally go with SoundCloud but we’d like to recommend YouTube more for your portfolio.


Upload your music on SoundCloud. And if you have more time, you could make a video clip for it and upload to YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is no.2 most popular site in the world after Google? It can be the best way to build your fan base through online means.


Those two sites are just examples that we’d like to recommend. The point is that don’t choose the sites which are trending or fashionable. Find the one that suits your preference and you have time to focus on it.

Are you doing it all alone?

You have probably seen a solo player like Ed Sheeran, JAIN, Zayn, JB, etc. They are performing as a solo musician. But even they can’t do everything by themselves.


There are things that you can be good at, and there are some things that are better to be conducted by other people. Even the DIY band or solo player can’t do everything all alone. For instance, if you are a solo player who tries to book as many gigs as possible, you can’t do it all alone from the booking, documentation, training sessions, and so on. Even though you have your music band, you will still need other people to check the sounds, carry the properties, costume designers, and so on.


If you are not currently approaching any agent, you could at least get help from your family or close friends. They are amateurs indeed. But so are you.


After you conduct the showcase in your local community, you might have been confident enough to seek the right agent, label, PR company, and so on. Your focus is to get a great team who are willing to work with you from zero to hero.


Practice and practice


There is no such thing as a good result if you don’t have good skills in the process. Practice becoming a professional musician. Some folks probably think that it is obvious. But to what certain extents? It is not only about improving your guitar skills. It is also about learning many things that can help you improve your musicality.


When we talk about the professional musician, it is not about how well you are playing your guitar at home, or sing at your favorite karaoke bar. But it is about how well you can play in the studio or on stage. Playing in front of a hundred people is different from playing by yourself at home. Therefore, it is important to consider the serious training and practices in professional environments. You must continue to improve your musical skills if you want to build a successful music result.


You will need to be involved with serious “jam” to improve your quality, consistency, as well as accuracy. so, your focus will be playing on whatever songs you will perform with such consistency.


We can see John Lenon as an example. He is not the greatest singer in the world. He is neither the best guitarist since many other guitarists have much better techniques than his. His music knowledge is probably not the peakest. But he became successful as a solo player in his early music career. It was because he was consistent with what he did. He mastered all of his songs. He did not make his songs complex or whatsoever. He was really good at what he did in his musical level.


There is no point to be overwhelmed with other starters who have a lot of skills and techniques since you have your own power. Find it. Combine it with consistency.

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Music Recordings


You may have great talents and skills. You already have great songs. But these would be nothing if the recordings are bad. It does not mean that you have to invest a huge amount of money for great recordings.but you will need to do the recordings the right way.


When making a simple demo to be sent to the labels, it does not have to be fancy. But it should be good either. Your demo should show others about your songs and your passion. It should be tight and clean. Nowadays, there are many music studios that offer great recordings services at a considerable price.


You could start working with them. the studio recordings will cost some fortune. But if you have your team, you can share the bill. Recordings might not come in one go. You might have to deal with trial and error, or some experiments to make your songs greater. If it is worth your time and effort, you should just proceed. The reason is simple. as much as you are serious about your music career, you might have the first life like your part-time job, college, etc.


Live performance


Besides practicing for the studio purpose, you will also need to practice your live playing. It is undeniable that your live playing is very important. You can make or break your music career with your live playing.


It is hard to deny the fact that labels and record companies want music performers who can engage the audience from the stage. That means people will not only hear you from your recordings but also enjoy your live performances. You must give them a reason to buy your music in all aspects.


Your fans tend to purchase your next album, merchandise, or doing the leveraged actions after seeing your great live show. This activity is what makes the music industry up and running since ones cannot rely only on their recordings.


It is true when experts say that the music market is oversaturated. It is because people will just stop when they listen to music without action to follow. people want some more. In case they have known your songs, they’d like to see you in person, or the other way around.


Your Fans Base focus


Many musicians don’t survive because they tend to strive bigger while the smaller community is their fuel. We have a question for you. Which one is better? Having a hundred fans spreading around the country, or a hundred fans in your local area only?


Some musicians may have different opinions on this question. Some idealistic people will say that the first one is much better because people around the world know their song. Well, it is true and wrong. If you are serious about making money from music, the second option will work better for you. It seems to be a good achievement to have fans here and there. But having a concentrated fans base in your town, for instance, will make it easier for you to market your singles, and make the live performances as often as you want.


Well, think about logistical aspects. You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money for transportation, shipping, etc. The record company will also see this as a prospective approach. Having many fans in your town does prove that you are wanted. If you have such strong fans base in your town, then there will be potents to grow your fans base in another town, another city, as well as another country.


The concept that we told you above is still relevant to major record company today. Many musicians or bands have forgotten about this foundation. If you want to have a long-term career in music, consider building a strong fan base in your hometown. Perhaps it will be the only base you can return to when your music market is oversaturated.


Make new music


Many local musicians came up with a single, got the trends, and poof! They are gone. They are not updating any new creation and so forth. Unless your spark of music has gone, it does not hurt to create new music. Your new music should be relevant to what you want. the new music, although it might not be better from your older music, can give refreshment and new fancy emotions for your fans.


As mentioned, the music industry is oversaturated. Therefore, you can see that the audiences have such high demands to their favorite stars. If you are excited about music, it would be normal if you don’t stop your creativity there. After releasing your first single, you will be releasing the second, next, and so forth.


Explore new references. Travel to the world. You will find amazing ideas to aspire and insert these elements to your new music. Don’t be shy to try something new. Critics will never be gone. There will always be pros and cons at what you do. Just focus on those who give you positive energies rather than haters. Haters are gonna hate and hate. Fans will always root you for the way you are.





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