How to Start a Record Label with No Money

Starting a record label can be a fruitful decision for your music career. Whether you want to be a musician or want to work with the talents to earn an enormous amount of money, you can’t go wrong by starting a record label. If the music business is your thing, there is nothing that stops you from proceeding. Contrary to popular belief, starting a record label from scratch does not require you to be a rich person with bug funds at first. Read more to find out how to start a record label with no money. You can begin to without paying a single dime.


-How can I start my record label for free?


Let’s start it with the websites that offer you the features to build your record label without any costs. These sites work by taking the percentage off of the money that you earn through your music sales. But the beauty side of it is that you can keep whatever profits that you’ve made from your music sales. These free websites allow you to sell music and other digital items online. Since these are online-based stores, you can save a lot of money on the lease, rental, logistics, printings, and other aspects. This can be a good start since you can also build up your brand and expand it internationally.


In advance for creating your label, you will want to make a business plan. First things first, get fixed on the music genre you are producing. It will depend on your passion and preferences. But if your sole purpose is to make good money, consider the mainstream style of music. Pop music is going to be a great money maker. It will also depend on the market segment that you’d like to target. Keep in mind that different genres might require a different approach and outcome.


Since the commencing of the free label websites, there are many musicians flock them to start their labels. That means you’d deal with the real competitive market. You will need to work hard to use your free tag and make profits. If you are serious about making a living from your name, you will need to put your effort on this.

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-How much does it cost to start a record label if I must pay for someone?


A small scale record label company can cost around $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the facilities, services, and works you need.


As we know, these numbers are indeed big for average people. But the current cost has reduced from back then, thanks to the technology and the internet. So, instead of renting an expensive workspace for your label, all you need to do is to register a recording label through the free record label websites. And BAM, you are in business. Don’t get it wrong though. You only have the record label. That’s it.


If you want to build your studio as well, it will cost more bucks from your pocket. You must also prepare to rent or lease a facility in a strategic area. It is going to be the area which demographically benefits your record label the most.

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-Do you need a record label?


If you are musicians, then the answer is YES. You will need a record label for funding and promotion. Although you can conduct self-promote by using your social media, you won’t see the significant results anytime soon. The thing is that people found music by listening to the audio hosting sites like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and so on. From those places, the record labels can come in. Record labels also make a deal with radio stations to play the artists songs.

How to Start A Record Label with No Money Today - READ MORE. -How can I start my record label for free?


If you are the artist, you will need to worry about writing your song, recording, booking your gigs, practices, exercise your body, and many other things. If these things are much demanding, then having the record labels will help you a lot in managing your career in music.


The thing about working with record labels is sometimes that you are pushed to the direction that you don’t want to go. If that’s the case, then starting an independent record label seems to be a viable option for you. The good thing about indie record label is that you have full 100% control on the direction you’d like to go. You can even switch your genre for the next projects, without having to meet up with the boards, because you are the boss.


-How to start an independent record label?


To start a successful independent record label, you need to emphasize the set-up process.


It takes a lot of commitment and effort. Registering to a free record label site is only the beginning. You will need to think about practical things like these:


Choose your label name, brand, and image


It is a good idea to start your record label as a legal business from the very beginning. This will ease the flow of work since everyone will work solely based on your goals and objectives.


What music you want to sell


Starting a record label will much be prevalent with the music you want to sell to the world. You will need to have a release. And your statement will be promoted in the right places if you have the specifics about your music. An indie record label has things to do with passion. So, don’t ever betray it.


Do you need an in-house recording studio?


As mentioned, if you start with zero bucks, you don’t need to build your in-house recording studio. Nowadays, there are many world-class recording studios which you can visit across the country. Most of them offer fantastic deals for new artists and musicians for recording. You’ll realize that their services are worth your money and time.



-Why do artists need record labels and What does a record label do for an artist?


We mentioned that record labels are legal music business entities. So, with this fact alone, you will have the influence and power to make connections with the other business entities to make money from your music.


Let’s limit our scope to the indie record label that you build yourself. Your record label is your professional identity. It is the critical passage to work with the radios, TV, and other mediums to put your songs or album into their playlists or circulation. Record labels also connect you to other musicians so that they can open the opportunity to collaborate with many artists that you respect and love.


And when your record label grows, you will have the confidence to find the talents that need helps from you. You can work together with the best skills and expand your music business when it is possible.


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