Learn How to Prevent Silver from Tarnishing

We know, by nature, jewelry is women best friends. Silver can describe the personality of the people. It doesn’t matter whether it is a solitaire or not. Even a piece of jewelry made by beads can also make women looks like a queen. No matter how costly or simple jewelry is, it creates a million-dollar vibe in women — all a person needs to know how to prevent silver from tarnishing.

Some Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver, a precious metal not only increases an aura in a woman, but it also has many proven health benefits. Silver has a proven powerful antimicrobial agent fighting against any infections, colds, and flu. Wearing silver jewelry is also beneficial for improving blood circulation and overall body temperature controlling.

It is often seen that, after wearing silver, the mood of a person gets spontaneous. Silver jewelry also removes toxin from the body. A piece of silver jewelry can also show a person’s level of sodium in his body. Many times it is seen that silver turns blue for wearing it a long time. It happens because silver reacts to the body if it has an extra amount of sodium.

Why Silver Jewelry Gets Tarnished and How to Prevent Silver from Tarnishing?

The best way to keep one’s silver looks shiny and glossy; using it regularly is the right decision. But, unfortunately, we are very prone to store our jewelry stored in a locked place for a special occasion which most often worked as the main reason for tarnishing the metal.

Oxidization is the reason for blackening silver, which develops due to hydrogen sulfide. Some ideas for tarnishing silver jewelry are given below:

1: When silver gets wet, it turns into discoloration. So, one must make them dry. To keep silver dry one can use capsules which come with the tagline ‘do not eat’ seen with the box of shoes.

It is a good idea to store these vitamins tablet to the table of silver, which takes off all the moisture from the silver. Even Chalk is working as a good thing to look silver healthy. It takes away the watery material from it.

2: The reason for tarnishing silver, Acid, and Sulfur frequently plays the role of a villain. Acid not only damages silver but also eats away the silver entirely. After wearing silver jewelry, one should pay particular attention that acidic food or lime juice does not get in the touch of the silver.

Even, when silver wears for a long time, it turns into blue because of Sulfur which happens due to the salty ingredient or things like muster, eggs, and many things.

3: By taking some precaution, one can save silver from getting tarnished. Such as, by preventing silver from wrapping in rubber this can hardly damage the silver.

So, it would be the worst idea to pack or store silver in a rubber box. Wool, stainless steel, or aluminum material can also become the reason for damaging silver.

  1. Washing style also determines the durability of silver. Hard wash is never good for anything, especially in terms of ornament. To wash silver, a gentle hand wash with mild soap can be handy. One can use a soft brush to take away all the dirt that is near to impossible to remove.
  2. By using baking soda and aluminum foil, one can wash the silver properly. A piece of jewelry protecting spray can be very beneficial for the health of silver. It can polish silver smoothly and can create a glossy shine in the silver.


If you don’t want to spend so much time on the cleaning workout, you can use a cleaning kit. Professional jewelers also use jewelry cleaning machine. Here you can check best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Reviews.

Final Word

So, to protect silver from tarnishing, one must follow some rules. At first, one should keep the silver in a dry place where moisture amount is meager. Even when wearing a piece of silver, an oily thing in a body also can spoil the silvery material.

Storing silver properly is also determining the durability of the silver. Lastly, anything that we wear needs some break. One should not wear anything for a long time. To wear more and to wear too less, both are deteriorated for any ornaments.

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October 14, 2019


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