What to Drink to Have a Good Voice: Top Singing Tips

We all know that good diet is a key to healthy life. But good diet doesn’t mean what people usually think when they hear that word. Diet is everything we eat, and good diet consists of foods that will keep us healthy, or in this case help us have better voice.

You should know from the start that there won’t be any enormous changes here. No one can lose much weight if they incorporate this into their normal routine. It will just be a few more healthier choices future or current singers decide to try. What to drink to have a good voice? What do we eat?

It isn’t that simple to fix your voice just with food. Many people are born with talent for singing, but even those who don’t can learn it with practice. So lets say you know how to sing, but you think you are mediocre and need more improvement  , what do you do beside practice?

Well, since singing uses muscles in your diaphragm as well as your mouth and voice box, like athlete you need to now what you should and should not eat.

What to Drink to Have a Good Voice: Top Singing Tips


What you SHOULD NOT EAT if you want to have a good voice


Many singers completely eliminate this foods from their diets, but you don’t need to be that extreme. You can simply not eat them day or two before your big day.


1. Dairy

I know there are lot of dairy lovers among singers, but it is best to get away from it if you have to sing in near future. It can cause acid reflux and even damage your vocal cords. Not only does it stick to your throat, but in all cases it also makes your natural mucus even thicker. That later leads to need to clear your throat more often which won’t help you if you have a gig.


2. Caffeine

Even though coffee and caffeinated drinks are our must have in day to day basic, try to skip it. Contrary to what dairy does, caffeine will dehydrate you. Not only that, but it can affect your muscles too! It can put unnecessary stress on your vocal cords that can be very damaging.


3. Chocolate

It doesn’t matter that chocolate makes life better, if you want good voice, avoid it. There are three reasons for that. Chocolate contains caffeine, which is bad. It also contains sugar that , like dairy, likes to hang around in your mouth and throat and mess with your mucus. On top of that, it triggers acid reflux.



What you SHOULD EAT if you want a good voice


1. Fruit

You know how everybody says fruit is good for you? Well it really is! In this case, not only is it healthy for you to eat, but it will help you sound great!  Not only does it contain big variety of vitamins, it also has crucial nutritional value. So if you have gig waiting for you, grab a piece of fruit or two to go!

Learn What to drink to have a good singing voice

2. Chicken

Protein is as important to singers as it is for athletes. It gives them strength, but also fills them up with energy. Chicken is great source of it as it’s lean protein. With it you don’t need to worry about additional fats or oils clogging or clinging to your throat and vocal cords.


3. Honey

It’s no brainer that honey is on this lists. Even when we are sick, we are recommended to eat honey to get better, especially if we have sore throat. It soothes vocal strain, but it can also prevent it from happening. But that doesn’t mean that you should eat whole jar! Don’t forget, honey is also sugar, and in large amounts that can do more harm than good!



Now, back to the main topic of this post.

 What to drink to have a good singing voice?


1. Warm or room temperature water

As we know, it is important for singers to be hydrated. Warm or room temperature water is best to soothe and hydrate your vocal cords. It also loosen them up. Also, it is less likely that the singer ,who drank water like that , will get vocal injury.

temperature water

2. Herbal tea

Tea is recommended whenever we are sick or have problem with our throat. Not only does it have healing aspect, but like warm water, it also soothes your vocal cord and makes them less sustainable to an injury. Most recommended teas for singers are decaffeinated and peppermint tea. Both are recommended with some honey rather than with processed sugar.

Herbal tea

3. Lemon and/or cucumber water

Cucumber is high in water percentage, and so is lemon in vitamin C. Both can be used to infuse the water, or even as a snack! Add them to big glass or bottle of water, leave for 10-15 minutes and you are ready to go! You can also add little bit of lemon if you like it sweet.

Lemon water


There are many more healthy drinks and teas that can help you, as well as vitamins. But there are also many kinds of drinks that you should avoid.

 Soda and Alcohol

Not only are they bad for you in your everyday life, but they also create problems for your voice too! I know they are guilty pleasure of our life, but that will not help you when you have show. Soda is full of sugar, and that by itself is not good as it also gets stuck to your throat. People tend to drink alcohol to calm their nerves, but maybe that shouldn’t be the case when they have show waiting for them. Like Caffeine, if you drink alcohol you can become dehydrated and your throat will be dry. That won’t result in good singing voice.

So hopefully, now you know what to drink to have a good voice.  But keep in mind, you still need to practice and learn how to be a better singer-musician. If you can’t attend lessons, there are many tips and tricks to achieve that by yourself.

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