Why Are The Custom Wall Decals Better?

The custom wall decals, just like wall decals are also known as the wall stickers which designs come with the self-adhesive vinyl sticker form. Unlike the other type of wall decoration, the sticker form will be posted on walls or any other smooth surfaces. The good thing here is that the users can put off the wall decals when they want to replace their background. The custom wall decals are available in various sizes, colors, and designs.

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There are tons of perks when you apply the custom wall decals at home. One of the most sensible reasons is that you could use these in any room in your home, and these are easy to apply and remove when you want to replace them with something new.


Unlike the other types of wall decoration, the custom wall decals won’t damage the surfaces where they are applied. That means you will save a lot for the repair additional cost or renovation. These are perfect for those who are living in the apartment, hostels, homestay, guest house, dorms, etc. Thanks to the friendly material, the custom wall decals will not ruin your walls when they are torn apart.


The most recent wall decals are also eco-friendly and environmental-friendly. These are completely different from the painting and texturing. As we know, conventional texturing and painting can be very harmful to the surrounding environment. The custom wall decals are safe for the environment and you will have peace of mind when designing your home while protecting the earth independently.


The customized wall decals which are provided by Music Note Gifts can be used for the commercial spaces like your offices, workspace, etc. not to mention that the custom vinyl wall decals can also be representing the brands or images of your company. These are the most astonishing materials for decoration since you can change your wall background regularly, or based on the promotion campaign of your company. For household use, you can change it based on your moods, seasons, or simply when you are bored with the current wall decal.

The custom wall decals are available in various basics designs like clouds, cartoon characters, butterflies, woods, faces of a public figure, and so on. But guess what? With the renowned custom wall decals store like Music Note Gifts, you can also create your own wall decal. You can also mix and match them differently customized decals to create the perfect ambiance in your room. Your complete scene might be done with the combination of different styles of wall decals.

Here is where custom wall decals will help you a lot


The customizable wall decals from Music Note Gifts are cost-effective, hassle-free, quick to apply, and stylish. The best part is that you can personalize your own wall decals.  Well, you have a blank canvas (your wall) at home, you may consider yourself ats the artist and want to convey your personal taste and vision to that. The Music Note Gifts can help you to make it happen.

There are tons of ways to decorate your home or room with your own personal style. While your options might be limited when you come to the department store, you can play around with your own creativity and let the Music Note Gifts do the rest for you. Make your own custom wall decals and mount them to your creative space for fun and cool experience.


We can’t neglect the fact that the custom wall decals are getting more popular from day to day because they are easy to use and can be replaced in the future without compromising the surface of your wall or another medium.


In order to get great customization, you will need to know the style that you want to stick to in your decoration. Measuring your wall can be the best initiative. After knowing the measurement, you will then will know what is the possible size, shape or theme that you want. Many custom wall decals are prevalent for the whole wall or just part of it, making them as the focal point of your room. That means your guests will turn their eyes to your wall decals because these draw the most attention. Make sure that your style is prevalent for the overall theme of your house.


The second one, make your style more personal. As mentioned, Music Note Gifts also provides you the option to make your own decals. Here you will have the freedom to personalize the designs of the decals as you wish. Creating vinyl decals is very great idea to make the decals more personal you will be able to attain the monogram of your name or possibly transform your space to another time frame in your life. When you add something personal in your room, this will make you more convenient and calm in your room. That means you will have a reason to make your home sweet home. Most folks love to see their beloved one’s names, family’s name, or their lovely baby’s name to remind them that they are always awaited by their people at home.

Personalizing your wall decals will also allow you to create such wonder for the folks that will see them.


Here you will have the freedom to convey your ideas and imagination. You can make them as bigger as you want, or as small as you want. You can also tell the story in the concept of “Draw My Life”, “Scribe”, etc or anything you want. The custom wall art and vinyl decals will make your room enhanced. You will be surprised how huge the change it can make. Transform your space in seconds with the custom wall decals on your wall.


You can also add the dramatic touch of something that you’d like to have in the future. For instance, you could consider adding the silhouette about the cityscape of the country you wish to visit, like the Eiffel Tower in France, or anything else.


No matter what’s your idea now, make it happen with Music Note Gifts now.

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